About the Certificate in Aroma Science Training

This Micro-credential has been developed with you in mind. We know you are busy so we have made this much easier to access anytime, anywhere. Once your enrolment is approved, we will place you with a group of learners that are just starting like you.

The skills and knowledge will not only gain you a recognised Micro-credential but also the ability to support the health and wellbeing of yourself, your whānau and your community.

  • Who should do this Micro-credential?

    • Any adult returnee to study with a genuine interest to learn and a desire to work as an Aroma Science Therapist or support the health and wellbeing of their community.

    • People who work from home, Health Food shops or Chemists who need to know more about Aromatic Medicine.

    • People who wish to make natural cosmetics or products from organic plant compounds for their own use.

    • Those who are upskilling for professional practice and memberships as part of CPD (Continued Professional Development).

    • Other qualified Massage therapists, Reflexologists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Nurses, Beauticians and Doctors who wish to add a specialised Certificate to their practice.
  • Aims and Objectives of Micro-credential

    The Aim of the Certificate in Aroma Science (Micro-credential) course is:

    • To train people in the study and application of essential oils and plant related products.
    • To educate New Zealanders about our native and global plants in the form of Aromatic Medicine for complementary therapies.

    The Objective of the Certificate in Aroma Science (Micro-credential) course is:

    • To provide purpose and meaning to Aroma Science (Aromatherapy) to practice safely with your loved ones or to gain employment options.
  • Micro-credential Course and Assessment

    Includes but not limited to:

    • Pure Essential Oils (learning 80 different varieties).
    • Foundation knowledge of aromatherapy (history and theory of essential oils).
    • Methods of extracting oils.
    • Key to Chemical Components of Essential Oils.
    • Carrier Oils.
    • The Art of Blending.
    • Methods of Absorption (learning about Olfacation system, the Skin etc.).
    • Chemistry (Photosynthesis, Plant Families, chemotypes, etc.).
    • Special Topics.
    • Health and Safety.

    The Certificate in Aroma Science course is made up of four components/modules:
    1. Aroma Science 1
    2. Aroma Science 2
    3. Aroma Science 3
    4. Aroma Science 4


    • There will be some quizzes to practice on within your modules.
    • Each module will have an individual assessment that will need to all be completed to achieve the Certificate in Aroma Science (Micro-credential).

Enrolment Brochure

“Aromascience Training Limited is accredited to provide the Certificate in Aroma Science Micro-credential (Level 4) by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under
section 446A of the Education and Training Act 2020.”

Please read this important information before you enrol.

We can't wait to share this learning journey with you!

Ngā mihi nui

The AromaScience Training Team

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