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AromaScience Training

Introduction to Aromatherapy Micro-credential (Level 3)

Introduction to Aromatherapy Micro-credential (Level 3)

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This micro-credential introduces students/employees to aromatherapy in the context of complementary therapies for health and wellbeing, support, and care. 

Students will be able to gain basic knowledge and skills in aromatherapy within a framework of health and wellness in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The target student market for this micro-credential will be primarily for students, whether domestic or international (onshore) who:

  • have limited work experience with natural healthcare support in the New Zealand health sector, or
  • have related experience, or
  • are interested to study complementary therapies/healthcare, or
  • are planning to pursue healthcare career or
  • practitioners who want to add another modality to their practice for the benefit of their clients such as naturopaths, midwives, hospice nurses, massage therapists etc.

This Micro-credential allows students to develop basic knowledge and skills in aromatherapy safe use and practice.

On completion of this micro-credential, learners/ākonga will be able to: …

  1. Identify the properties of 10 most common essential oils and 5 most common carrier oils by selecting the correct oils when completing a basic client chart.
  1. Compare simple application methods of essential oils and carrier oils for aromatherapy blends and synergies.
  1. Identify safe use and contraindications relating to oils used in aromatherapy.
  1. Apply knowledge to formulate an aromatherapy blend when completing a basic client chart for themself or whanau.
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