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AromaScience Training

Certificate in Aroma Science Micro-Credential (Level 4)

Certificate in Aroma Science Micro-Credential (Level 4)

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This micro-credential introduces students/employees to aroma science/aromatherapy in the context of complementary therapies for health and wellbeing, support, and care. 

Students will be able to understand specialised knowledge in essential oil science within a framework of health and wellness in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The target student market for this micro-credential will be primarily for students, whether domestic or international (onshore) who:

  • have limited work experience with natural healthcare support in the New Zealand health sector, or
  • have related experience, or
  • are interested to study complementary therapies/healthcare, or
  • are planning to pursue healthcare career or
  • practitioners who want to add another modality to their practice for the benefit of their clients such as naturopaths, midwives, hospice nurses, massage therapists etc.


Graduates of this micro-credential will be able to:

  1. Examine the properties of pure essential oils and carrier oils for therapeutic applications.
  2. Describe how essential oils are obtained from plants, investigating organic chemistry.
  3. Evaluate various application methods when formulating blends, synergies, sprays, creams, and other natural aromatherapy products.


The Certificate in Aroma Science (Micro-Credential) is Distance delivery and is a mixture of theory and practical.

The typical learner’s journey through the weeks of the micro-credential is:

Full Time

24 weeks full time (including 4 weeks holiday) –

The learner will have 5 weeks to complete each module (component).

The learner may cover 2 topics a week, with one remaining in the fourth week, or do 3 topics in a week etc, depending on time availability.

Learning hours per week are: 20 hours full time. 

Part Time

44 weeks part time, (including 4 weeks holiday) –

The learner will have 10 weeks to complete each module (component).

The learner may cover 1 topic over one to two weeks.

Learning hours per week are: 10 hours part time.


The Certificate in Aroma Science (Micro-Credential) is Distance delivery and is a mixture of theory and practical.

The delivery is via an on-line learning platform and is distant from the Aroma Science Training establishment. The students learn synchronously on the learning platform Coassemble.  On this Learner Management System, all the course material has been provided for the learner to study remotely on any device they choose, whether it be a laptop, PC, Phone, iPad or any other smart device. 

The AromaScience Training facilitator (tutor) will monitor the student’s progress through the ‘view learner results’ ‘time spent’ on each topic within the modules through the student learning platform, Coassemble.

Delivery methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Research – Individual tasks for critical and reflective thinking
  • Video tutorials available anytime within Coassemble (asynchronous learning)
  • On-line learning support portal via Coassemble
  • Independent self-directed learning activities/study.
  • Self-paced online via assignments, tasks, and quizzes (asynchronously learning)
  • Web based links to resources via Coassemble.
  • Zoom tutorials (synchronous learning)
  • Supervised tuition (synchronous learning).
  • Practical client charts
  • Formulating a product 

The Aroma Science Micro-Credential is divided into four modules, (components).

The four modules (components) must be done in order as the course builds up in knowledge from Aroma Science module 1 to Aroma Science module 4.

There are 7 topics that repeat consistently within each module.  These are:

  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Carrier Oils
  • The Art of Blending
  • Methods of Absorption
  • Chemistry
  • Special Topics
  • Health and Safety

Entry requirements:

§  Open to New Zealand Citizens or Residents.

§  Open to International students studying offshore, (pending NZQA Code of Practice Approval). please visit Home | NauMai NZ (  (Subject to NZQA Code of Practice approval)

§  Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age at commencement of study.

§  Learners must have access to a range of essential oils and related aromatherapy products.

§  Learners must have regular access to and use of a computer with reliable internet.  It is recommended that you have Internet Capable devices to complete this course, such as a laptop, desktop computer, iPad, or smart phone.

When can I start?

Anytime!  However, when you do, you will be enrolled in one of the intakes below once we receive all your required enrolment information.

The Aroma Science course consists of six intakes every year on the months of;

February, March, May, July, September and November.

Each intake is called a “cohort”.  Each “cohort” starts on the first Monday of the intake month.

If you wish to know more about the details of this course, please view the handbook or view the attached Aroma Science enrolment brochure

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